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Supporting Arrabona Racing Team in Formula Student

Formula Student is a student engineering competition, where student teams from around the world design, build, test, and race their racing cars. The task of the teams is to design and produce a racing car, then race with it. To reach their goals, they need to organise their working processes the same way as if they were employees in a real company.


Arrabona Racing Team was established in 2014 at the Vehicle Development Center at the Széchenyi István University. The Arrabona Racing Team was founded
by the reason we wanted to attend to the Formula Student competition series. Currently 67 students are working together to achieve the best results in our competitions, to expand our knowledge, to enhance the reputation of our university and the supporters who are standing by the
Team. Most of the team members are Vehicle Engineering students, but also Mechanical Engineering-, Electrical Engineering-, Economics and Management students are represented.


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